Frequently asked questions

What is Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

What is Video Connectt? is an Internet based social networking services built around the face -to- face connecting power of video which helps members connect for friendship, learning, trading, jobs or romance purposes and allows family, friends and co-workers to reconnect when life keeps them apart.

How is Videoconnectt different than other social networks?

Videoconnectt will forever change the world of social media in that all of the online tasks that you would previously have needed multiple sites for have now been combined into one seamless hub of passion, energy and connection. Here you can share milestones with a loved one, connect over a shared love of a hobby or launch your latest career path with a state of the art video resume.

How much does it cost?

This website is free; you will only pay when you sell products, services or for dating. It is free to enjoy your passion, get jobs and connect with friends and families. Also, you will be given a 5 GB storage space free, after which you will have to buy storage every month for $5.99.

In which countries is Videoconnectt available?

VC is available worldwide in an effort to connect all necessary parties regardless of location.

What forms of payments are accepted on

1. Pay pal

2. Global Payment through using your credit card (Visa, Master Cards, Discover, American express, JCB and VC wallet).

Please note, user’s credit card information is NOT stored on VC.

What transactions are eligible on

Eligible transactions include any transaction performed by a legal company or individual that is providing legal goods or services.

Is seller protection available?

Yes, sellers with PayPal accounts may enjoy seller's protection as offered by PayPal. advises sellers to get-;

1. Tracking numbers for all shipments

2. Making shipping insurance a requirement for all transactions

3. Report any problem to our support center

4. Selling locally has proven to be of advantage

5. Verify Payment before shipment

6. Verify identity by looking at Users avatar (pictures), videos and video chat with the buyers

7. Ship only to verified address on file with

Does offer Buyers Protection Program?

Yes! All sellers are advised to insure their products before shipment. In the event that a product is lost, the seller will be advised to file necessary papers with the insurance company while he makes an attempt to send another product or refund the money to the buyers. Our staff will monitor this transaction for free. Seller’s account may be debited for refund to the buyers as deem fit.

Can I ship to an address that is different than the billing address?

At this time, we only allow packages to be shipped to the address that is entered as the billing address.

How do you handle a lost package or claim of loss?

Lost packages will be processed using the shipping insurance that is placed on the product.

How do I report inappropriate content?

Videoconnectt provides a unique experience when it comes to reporting content. You are able to flag inappropriate videos or pictures for our team to review.

Items NOT covered by VC buyer’s Program.

Real Estates

Cars and Trucks

Heavy equipments e.g. Tractors

International shipping of products

Business transactions OUTSIDE Videoconnectt .com

How will disputes be settled?

Disputes will be settled using the rules of arbitration. An arbitration panel whose ruling will be binding to parties on both sides will review cases. The panel will read the pleadings filed by the parties, listen to the arguments, study the documentary and/or testimonial evidence, and render a decision. The panel’s decision is referred to as an award and must be abided by from parties on both sides.

Items received not as described –:

Please contact the sellers first and then our help desk at

Question: Does VC pay sellers to advertise?

Answer: - Yes, under trade, after you list your products or services and you advertise, you can get 10% cash back on your advertising cost.

What items are restricted on

Restricted items - Please abide by the law of the countries you trade with. These items cannot be sold on

Animals and other related items
Bomb making products and other related items
Counterfeit products including but not limited to currency
Drugs and Alcohol and other related items
Embargoed goods at different countries
Government items including but not limited to ID e.g. passports, plate numbers etc
Hazardous materials
Human products and other related materials including but not limited to body parts
Medications or other related products including herbal
Mailings lists and other personal information
No charity or fundraising listings
Pornographic materials
Racist items that could promote violence

Stolen items including arts
Slot machines and ATM machines
Surveillance equipment’s
Weapons, including guns and other military products
Other related items NOT listed in our subcategories.

Sales of stocks and securities

Please if you see a listing that violates policies, simply flag the video and it will automatically be removed for our review.

How do I monetize my video on VC?

Welcome to VC monetized partnership program

First, we need to let you know that VC does not guarantee how much you will be paid. Earnings are generated based on advertisement revenue when your video(s) are viewed. The more views you have, the more your chances of getting paid. Before your video can be monetized, you agreed that -:

You are the creator of the video and its content and you claim full ownership.

Your video(s) must be an original video uploaded directly to VC, not transferred from other websites

You agree to maintain your account in good standing

Your video(s) and contents will not violate our terms of use

You will be paid when your earnings reach $100 and above at the end of the month.

You agreed to pay tax on your earnings (1099)

Your payment will be based on profit sharing of 54/46% where VC has 54%.

Commercial videos and/ or promotional videos that desire to be monetized, will only receive 20% earnings. For example, video showing houses for sale or documentary video that is promotional in content.    

You will be able to check in-depth analysis about your viewers and their ad -clicking habits.

You will receive $250 gift card from VC once your channel has 500,000 subscribers and $500.00 gift card if you have one million subscribers

You agreed NOT to upload copyright materials.

Your eligibility will be canceled if any of your videos violate any of our terms and community guidelines.

Requirements for videos to be monetized

1. The videos must be friendly to advertisers

2. The video content must be your original creation NOT copyright materials

3. If your video contains any copyright material, you must provide permission for such use.

4. You CANNOT monetize third party materials.

5. Commercial videos and/ or promotional videos that desire to be monetized will only receive 20% earnings. For example, video showing houses for sale or documentary video that is promotional in content.    

Example of videos that may be monetized include: - Do it yourself videos, your daily blog, your original music, your original fashion show video, original wedding or birthday videos etc.

Question: Why does VC monitor trust?

Answer:   Trust = reliability & dependability. Reliability and dependability means that you cannot be accused of uploading copyright materials and your account is in good standing. We monitor reliability and dependability over a period of time.

Question:  Why is my video for monetization under review?

Answer:    VC staff reviews all videos before approval is made for monetization   

Questions:  What do I do, if any of my copyright materials is used in a video?

Answer:  Simply flag the video and report the content used. VC respects intellectual properties and laws. Users who engage in such inappropriate behavior would have their accounts suspended and the material will be immediately removed or deleted from our web site.

Question: Which video gets monetized faster on VC?

Answer:   -   Real life videos

Question:  Which videos are prohibited on VC?

Answer:  Spamming video – These are videos with contents that are misleading for financial gains. 2. Any videos that drives users away from VC to another web site. 3. Any video related to artificial traffic spam; meaning, using artificial means to increase views, likes, comments or other metric value is totally prohibited on VC.          


Above information is for educational purpose. Please consult your attorney for legal advice.


VC Return Policy


  1. Seller must have a valid account without negative balance and must be well maintained.

  2. Seller must have return policy.

  3. Buyers will pay for items with PayPal (or other options of payment like major credit cards or Global payments by

  4. Item must fulfill VC's money back guarantee criteria.

  5. VC’s return policy is USA based for now.

  6. In other countries, buyers are encouraged to trade locally, read and follow company policies they trade with.

Return Process for Sellers

  1. Once you receive an e-mail for return; you must process refund or replacement within 5 business days to buyer. (Business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)

  2. You must provide the buyer with return shipping label if replacement is agreed upon with the buyer.

  3. Sellers may use US standard postal services or other means of postage.

  4. Returns must indicate signature confirmation from the buyer when received.

  5. Either you or the buyer is responsible for return shipping charges as specified in your return policy. If an item has been returned because it has not met the description in the listing, the seller is 100% responsible for full refund or replacement if the buyer agrees to replacement.

  6. All products or items must have insurance coverage to make refund and shipment easy. You are encouraged to trade locally.

  7. If within 7 business days, refund is not completed, we may ask PayPal to debit your account and we will encourage the buyer to file a complaint with their credit card company. Other necessary action could be taken including but, not limited to suspending your account.

  8. Sellers must have tracking information for shipment.

  9. Sellers should request signature on delivery from the buyer.

  10. Seller must ship items to buyer’s specified address on and seller may request telephone number for follow up contact.

  11. Legal action may be taken against any seller who collected payment for item(s) not sent.

By accepting our company terms and conditions you are indicating that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Return Policy for Buyer

  1. Buyer must send an e-mail directly to the company and then VC, indicating a need for refund within 48 hours of receipt of the item.

  2. Item(s) must be returned following the guidelines of the return policy of the company that you are trading with.

  3. Item(s) returned not as originally received may not qualify for refund or replacement. (New item must be returned in original unopened packaging, when applicable.) Manufacturer’s sale must remain intact and unbroken. Items must not be worn, washed, torn, resized or broken before return.

  4. Issues concerning returns must be reported to our customer service or support staff.

  5. Buyers must keep receipt of payment in case it is needed for processing their refund or replacement.

  6. Buyer must maintain well-defined return address, which must be the same with the original address where the item was sent initially.

  7. Reasons for return of item(s) must be well specified.

  8. Legal action may be taken against any fraudulent activities. Such as, receiving item and claiming that it was not received and/or canceling payments after an item is received.

  9. Videoconnectt will assist buyers in resolution of their conflict.

  10. Buyers are encouraged to pay sellers via Pay Pal or through major credit cards or through their local banks.

  11. If after 7 days, the seller has not processed the refund, VC will debit the sellers account. Videoconnectt is always here for your protection.

By accepting our company terms and conditions you are indicating that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Note on Refund


Total purchase price plus shipping price if paid by the buyer will be refunded.

Question: Can I upload my video under group chatting?  

Answer: Yes, you can upload video(s), files or images from your computer. You can also enter the names of videos already uploaded to VC.

Questions for Sellers

Question: How do I file my tax under Videoconnectt?

Answer: Every United State based seller on Videoconnectt who makes more than $500.00 and above per year, must file Form 1099. An automated email would be sent by the Videoconnectt team to file for Form 1099 as a reminder.

To order official IRS forms, please call 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676).

Resolution of Conflict

Users will send their complaints or concerns through our Support Center. Support center will forward all complaints from customers to our Resolution Department. Where issues would be carefully deliberated until resolved.

Real Estate

Question: Can Videoconnectt guarantee the accuracy of square footage quoted under every property listed for sale on VC?

Answer: Videoconnectt cannot guarantee the accuracy or the authenticity of any square footage advertised by realtors or individuals selling their properties. Potential property buyers should do their due diligent investigation before committing to buy any property on VC.

Questions on Individual Accounts

Question:  Can VC suspend my account?

Answer: VC will only suspend user’s account if they violate any of our community guidelines and policies……Please click here to view a list of VC guidelines. ).  

Question: How does VC flag works?

Answer: If a user on VC upload’s a video that violates any of VC’s community guidelines (Please click here to view VC’s community guidelines and policies), ). Another user on VC can click the flag button located under the video, after clicking the flag button, a list of reasons why you want to flag the video is listed, you will be required to choose one of the reasons and then click the SAVE button to send your concern to the administrative department of VC. The department will view the video and decide if the video has violated any of VC’s policies and take a decision afterwards.     


For questions regarding how to maneuver and operate through all areas of VC, please watch our tutorial videos: Click here

Question:  How safe is VC?

Answer: - Videoconnectt cares about your safety. We have provided the flag feature so our users are able to remove any content that is inappropriate including but, not limited to bullying. Users also have abilities to block unfriendly or obnoxious users.  Also, when utilizing Connectt Hearts, VC provides a security feature for a small fee of $4.99 per month, where automated text messages monitored by VC staff will be sent at a set time increments to ensure your safety while dating someone new. This security feature can be discontinued by you at any time.

Also, we offer a safety feature that is built into VC Real Estate for realtors to use when showing properties to buyers. Finally, we also encourage users to watch the intro video (and video chat) for any potential communications between users who may want to date or users you may want to buy products from. This helps to ensure you are not getting scammed or catfished.  

Question: How do I sell on VC?

Answer: You can pay a listing fee, to sell your product.  If the product sells, you will then pay a final fee. The Final fee is divided into two. 1. if you have a store, the Final fee = Listing fee + 6.99% of the final bid price, + $0 .99c, not more than $99.99. 2. If you do not have a store, your Final fee = Listing fee + 7.99% of the final bid price, + $0. 99c, not more than $99.99. However, if the item did not sell, you can re-list at 50% discount.

Question: ? How many days will my products stay actively listed on VC Connectt Trades once I list them? 

Answer: ? Your product will stay listed on VC initially for 30 days. ? If your product does not sell, you can re-list your items. Real estate and hotels are however listed for 60 days.  ?

Question: Is it necessary to have a store to put my products in?  What are the benefits of having a VC store? 

Answer: ? You can sell on VC with or without a store. No, it is not necessary However, the benefit of having a VC store is to grow your consumer base and have more advertising for your products in your store. VC stores will follow any of your public videos on VC. This gives your products more visibility to potential buyers and has the potential to increase your sales. In addition, you buyers will have lower final price to pay as compared with individual without a store.

Question: How do I know when my banner will reach its turn to be shown? 

Answer: Once your banner is up to be shown to your chosen demography, you will receive an email from VC, letting you know that your banner is now being shown. 

Question: How do I know where my banner is in competition with other advertisers bidding on the same group that I am? 

Answer: VC will send you an email informing you of your placement in the line up to be shown. 

Question: Will I be notified when my banner is running out of money and near the end of its time to be shown? 

Answer: No, once your banner is outdated you will have to edit it by going under "Banners" located under "Shops." If you click on "Title" you are able to start your banner again by bidding and changing, if necessary the amount of money you would like to spend on the banner. 

Question: What is the process of paying for real estate through VC? 

Answer: To buy property on VC, the buyer will pay the additional expense (in this case, the Deposit amount) that the seller indicates.  This ensures that the buyer is serious about the property and committed to finishing the transaction. Thereafter, the seller and buyer need to process the remainder of the property price through their respective banks.

Question: If I block a user, are they still able to contact me and see my information? 

Answer: If you block a user they are no longer able to contact you. However, if you have any public videos they will still be able to see anything you have on VC listed as "public." 

Question: Is VC Timeline the same as Connectt Friends and Families? 

Answer: Yes, VC Timeline is the same as Connectt Friends and Families. 

Question on Point System

Question: - How do I earn points? Please explain the point system.

Answer: - These are the ways you can accumulate points on VC:

1.     By uploading or watching videos (5points)

2.     By adding products or services (2point

3.     Booking hotels (5 points)

4.     Creating channels (3 points)

5.     Uploading resume (2 points

6.      Opening a shop (5 points

7.     Buying or selling products or services, including listing of jobs on VC (5 points).

Question: - The group chat topic I created was deleted. Why?

Answer: - Reasons why your group chat topic may have been deleted are, a) The topic already exists under the group chatting list. b) The topic is inappropriate and goes against VC guidelines; which mean, the content of the group chat is inappropriate, offensive, hateful, or is being used to bully. 

Question: - Can I create a group chat topic that is private? Exclusive to members I invite, a region, or members I approve?

Answer: - Private group chatting topics is not a current feature now on VC desktop. However, you can form public group, password protected group and invitation only group on our mobile version.

Question: - How do I add money to my VC wallet?

Answer: -  Go to "shops" and select one of the following pages: My store, My Products, Hotel List, My Properties. Thereafter, select "Please click this link to add money”. This takes you to the payment page where you fill in your credit/debit card information and type in the amount you want to transfer to your VC Wallet. After clicking submit, you will see a green notification confirming your deposit to your VC Wallet and what your new balance is. You may also add money to your VC Wallet by selecting "VC Wallet" under the Shops tab and clicking the "add money” to VC Wallet" link in the top right hand corner. 

Question: - What is Pixels and how can I use it? 

Answer: - Pixels are used to connect with your current campaigns to get information related to what a user does, after they see your campaign.

Question: - I still have questions that have not been answered in the FAQ's section?

Answer:- If you have questions that have not been answered here, please email our support staff at We would be happy to answer any further questions. 

New Users