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Videoconnectt.com is an internet based social networking services built around the face -to- face connecting power of video which helps members connect for friendship, learning, trading, jobs or romance purposes and allows family, friends and co-workers to reconnect when life keeps them apart.

At videoconnectt.com, we are changing the way you interact and form relationships on all levels. By adding video options to all aspects of your online interactions, we are providing a level of security and personalization that has never before been seen. Imagine being able to bring your online resume to life as a means to gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing job market, or showcase the unique properties of a brand while seeking out new markets to enter. If you are looking to be on the cutting edge of ecommerce, then you have come to the right place. Videoconnectt allows you to create a secure transaction whether it relates to merchandise or your own career advancement. Here you can upload a product with a video tour or brand yourself as an industry expert by creating a video resume that will demonstrate your personality as well as your skill set.

With Videoconnectt.com we are changing the way you view the internet and the time that you spend online. This website is free; you will only pay when you sell products, services or for dating.  If, however, the products are not sold, you will only pay for listing the products. It is free to enjoy your passion, get jobs and connect with friends. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Home: Welcome to the new way of the world “videoconnectt.com”. We are your one stop shop for connecting all of the areas of your life. Whether you are looking to market yourself or your product, we are able to handle all of the needs of your life in the most seamless way possible. Create a video that will catapult your career to the next level or bring your loved ones together by sharing all the moments that make life memorable.

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Connectt friends:

Looking for a new place to meet and hang out? Connect with us and find all of those who are most precious to you gathered in a single destination. Please place your cursor on any of the category to see different subcategories (Alaa to make sure if users click on the different categories, it will take them to the category).

Connectt passions:

Do you need a place to connect with like-minded people who share your passion for hobbies and all things recreational? Here you will find a host of people that share and follow all of the things that make you tick. You can choose to connect about where and when to find the best deals, or you can look to trade or locate the missing pieces that will perfect your collection. The possibilities are endless. Please place your cursor on any of the category to see different subcategories.

Connectt trades:

Do you have a great business idea or an innovative brand that you are dying to share with the world? Get in on the cutting edge of innovation in ecommerce by demonstrating your product for the world to see. Here we connect buyers and sellers around the world; in an effort to bring your business to the forefront of the mind of the consumer. Please place your cursor on any of the category to see different subcategories.


Connectt hearts:

Are you still looking for that special someone who you can share the milestones of your life with? Are you looking for a way to have your family be a part of some of those milestones despite a great distance? Here you can safely search a list of profiles to find one that speaks to you. Once you find that special connection that you want to share the rest of your life with, you can also upload your wedding proposal or any other milestones that you want to share with those who were unable to be there in person. Please place your cursor on any of the category to see different subcategories.

Uses of some of our Subcategories: 

Realtors: Selling the dream is about creating the total package for your client. If you are going to develop your clientele and build a successful brand, you need to be able to present your client base with all the options necessary to make an informed decision. When you choose to build your brand on VC, you are opening your client base up to include people from all across the globe. With our cutting edge brand of service not only are you able to create a video diary of all the homes that you have on the market, you are able to showcase you own individual style by including a peek into your own personality and selling skills with an online resume that will allow you to connect immediately with potential buyers. Given that a home is the largest investment that anyone will make, it is essential that you create the complete picture for your potential client by providing them with a vision of the home that they would not be able to get anywhere else. Using Videoconnectt.com will open doors to a larger client base as well as eliminate the number of showings that do not result in an offer. Let us be the most innovative marketing tool that you have ever used.

If you are in the market for a new home, then VC is sure to be the greatest research tool that you have ever used. When it comes to your home search, time is at a premium and any tool that will help you gain more of it needs to be utilized to the fullest. Videoconnectt.com will provide you with an infinite amount of possibilities at the click of a button. Now instead of clicking from website to website as a means to see what each realtor has listed, we are able to connect you with multiple realtors all listed on a single site. In addition, there are video tours of the homes that will be invaluable in your search process. So, what are you waiting for, your dream home is just a click away.


Car Dealers: Selling a car has never been easier. In a competitive market, those that differentiate their brand from the competition are the ones that deliver results. When it comes to driving sales results and connecting with potential buyers in order to close the deal Videoconnectt.com has the power to open doors that traditional sites have long been unable to. Here you can brand your business through a video platform that may have been impossible due to budget concerns. Potential buyers are also able to get a true and accurate vision of what the automobile is really like through the use of a video tour.

In the past, you were only able to show a one dimensional view of the vehicle with the use of print, but with Videoconnectt.com you are able to provide your potential buyers with the complete picture of your product which will minimize the number of deals that go unclosed and help drive sales through the roof. Are you in the market for a new car, but you are tired of finding that the photos that are used to promote vehicle sales are not telling the entire story? Then, today is your lucky day. VC provides you with a virtual tour of a car that you are looking to purchase. Before you lay your eyes on the car that you are interested in purchasing, you can be rest assured that you will have a true and accurate picture of the car that you are trying to purchase. This will also help eliminate the time that is spent at a dealership as well as open up your options like never before.

Travelers: Have you ever made it to the hotel or resort that you booked only to find that the pictures did not show exactly what you expected and it was not a good thing? From now on when it comes to booking your travel plans, allow Videoconnectt.com to take the worry out of your business travel and vacation bookings. We want to provide you with an avenue to book the perfect location for your trip and help you make a lifetime of family memories to come.

If you are a hotel or resort that is looking to expand your market and fill your rooms, then we want to help you achieve that dream. You can reach an endless amount of travelers by creating your brand profile and giving those who are looking for the best place to stay a guided invitation to join you for a fun filled vacation. Allow them to see first-hand the amenities that you offer and the welcome reception that they will receive when they choose you as their primary destination.

Business Owners: In an ever-changing world if you want your brand to survive you must constantly be looking for new ways to reach consumers. Videoconnectt.com is that outlet. Nowhere else in the world of ecommerce are you able to create a video profile as a means to connect with potential buyers. People are more likely to make a purchase if they are able to make a connection with the product that they are viewing online. Let the power of video take your business to the next level by allowing potential consumers to connect with your products and your brand. When it comes to driving sales results and minimizing margin, the easiest way to do so is to ensure that your inventory turns on a regular basis. Do not leave your business success to chance. Build your virtual store on Videoconnectt.com and allow us to connect you with the people you most desire, a connection with the potential consumer.

Connectt Hearts: Some of the most memorable moments of your life are linked to matters of the heart. It is during those times that you want to be surrounded by family and friends as well as be able to relieve those memories over and over. How often do you smile throughout the day as you relive a special moment like your first dance as husband and wife? Do you have the perfect proposal and are you looking for a way to include family members from across the globe? How would you feel if you were able to include more than just your bridal party in your search for the perfect wedding gown? When you choose Videoconnectt.com as your option for inviting your loved ones into the most precious moments of your life you can be sure that your memories will be safe with us. You can choose to make your video public or private depending on your personal preference, and then anyone that you choose can relive those moments at the click of their mouse anytime that they wish. There are so many people who due to circumstances beyond their control are unable to locate those precious files, and others whose memories have been destroyed by natural disasters. When you choose to allow Videoconnectt.com to store those precious memories their safety is guaranteed for a lifetime to come. 

Passions: When it comes to Passions, people are always looking to connect with people who share their love of a particular activity or hobby. By joining Videoconnectt.com, you are able to engage with people worldwide who share the same passions that you do. When you market your passion on Videoconnectt.com you are able to take advantage of a readymade database of consumers who are pre-qualified to be interested in your product which will help streamline your marketing budget and eliminate the necessity to conduct those functions in house.

Faith and Religion: By using Videoconnectt.com as a means to connect with others who share your religious beliefs you are able to ensure that you never miss a message/sermon again. No matter where your preferred message comes from, you are able to gather with those who share your same philosophies and rejoice in the power of a group who shares your views. Recharge your battery by following along with sermons from those who inspire you. Whether you are on vacation or have moved from one location to another, you are able to stay connected with those whom you have formed a bond and relationship with by watching those messages at a time that is convenient for you.

As a religious or faith based organization, one of your biggest challenges is your ability to balance your budget while at the same time maintaining your ability to share your message with followers and potential followers. By choosing Videoconnectt.com as your trusted source for sharing your message with the world, you are getting the best of both worlds. VC allows you to freely share your message with the world at no cost to you. Where other streaming sources charge a premium for uploading and storing your videos, we allow you to connect with your followers for free. We are your ultimate source for sharing your message with the world, expanding your audience and balancing your budget.

Restaurants: As a restaurant your ultimate currency is ambience and if you are going to capitalize on the ambience of your restaurant as a means to attract new diners you must embrace the new way that people shop for ambience. Showcase the ultimate in what sets your restaurant apart from your competitor by creating an online video invitation that will bring your restaurant to life. Use Videoconnectt.com to ensure that your restaurant becomes the talk of the town and results in a wait list at all times. For most, those special nights on the town are few and far between, which means that when you have the opportunity to kick up your heels you want to make the right call. How can you be sure that the restaurant that you choose to take your loved ones to will deliver the ultimate in delectable cuisine? Before you hit the town for your next big adventure, take time to go through the reviews and online video profiles that we provide so that you can see first-hand whether or not the hot new spot is worth the wait. When you trust VC to be your tour guide, we promise that you will not be disappointed with the results and when it comes to dining, you will always get what you pay for in terms of a fantastic dining experience.

Professional Service Providers: Safety is your utmost concern when you are choosing whom you will invite into your home in order to provide a service. When you look to Videoconnectt.com as a means to research reviews and potential service providers, you can take advantage of our unique option of reviewing the video profile of the person who will be entering your home. On VC, not only do you get true and honest reviews of a service before you make a purchase, you also get the peace of mind of knowing who will be coming to your home before they even arrive. After all, when it comes to the safety of your family we want to be your partner in ensuring that your promise is delivered.

If you are a professional service provider who is looking to expand your brand and reach new clients, then we encourage you to take advantage of our online profile option. Creating an online profile provides you with the opportunity to connect with those who are looking for the type of services that you provide. People base their decisions on how they feel about the person that is providing the service. Your online profile and video is a free way to advertise your brand and reach consumers that you may have never otherwise been able to reach.

 Trade Shows: When you create a trade show, your ultimate goal is to reach people who share the same passions that you and your vendors do. When you use VC to showcase and promote your trade show, not only are you able to reach a worldwide market, you have a built in database of consumers who have a vested interest in your product. In a world where in order to ensure the survival of your business model; you must take advantage of every opportunity to streamline costs. By tapping into our database you are ultimately able to reduce your research costs and eliminate the middleman and market directly to a consumer who is already connected to your vendor and your theme. If you are looking to expand your trade show and open new doors for your vendors, then Videoconnectt.com is your source for taking your business to the next level.

If you enjoy planning your vacation and weekends around the hottest trade shows in town, then you will simply fall in love with Videoconnectt.com. We offer you a virtual tour of what is going on in the industry and allow you to preview the hottest shows no matter what your location is. When you are on a quest that will end with you purchasing the perfect piece to complete your collection, do not let time and distance stand in your way. Instead go through all that VC has to offer and score your perfect find every time.



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